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About Us

Sophisticated. Positive. Empowering.

I have lived in the United States for almost 25 years. Like most immigrants, holding onto things that remind me of “home” became a way to deal with missing home. For me it was the food and clothes. I have always loved Ankara and found myself incorporating it into my daily fashion - from suits for work, evening wear, casual clothes to accessories (jewelry, belts, hair pins, etc.).  Wearing items that are made with Ankara or have a touch of Ankara always made me feel empowered.


Interestingly, I typically get a lot of compliments from my multi-use of Ankara. A few months ago, I decided to offer the opportunity to own these items at an affordable price by creating Ankara Boutique.


Ankara is a cotton fabric commonly worn in West Africa. The fabrics come in many vibrant colors and designs rooted in the beauty of African influences.


Ankara Boutique is your ultimate online store for carefully handcrafted accessories and items made with a harmonious blend of prints and colors that empower the spirit.


Our designs are a tapestry of elegance that exemplifies uniqueness, individuality and beauty.

Explore Ankara. Embrace your Beauty. Compliment your Personality.